Spring 2011, students of my teaching session at Esec (school of cinematic studies) are discovering the multicultural 18th district of Paris “la Goutte d’Or” with the 2005’s version of the “Sound Drop” audiowalk.

“let’s celebrate spring —> afternoons of April 20th & 22nd : AUDIOWALK the FAMOUS TOUR ! Africa in Paris Goutte d’Or ! I am your host tomorrow from 2 to 6pm with WPMG @ Collectif MU, 12 rue d’Oran – 75018 Paris, the opportunity to do the Sound Drop 2005 Audiowalk for those who missed it – msg me for reservation mademoisellegaelatgmaildotcom or call +33 (0)1 42 58 08 98 SOUND DROP 2005 “

(visuals by Gaël Segalen)



L’Ange le Sage