DIALO (105′)

(presented in multichannel in Barcelona, Los Artistas de la Corte @ Pere Pruna and Pop Bar and in Paris, Channeling #1 hosted by Joachim Montessuis @ la Société de Curiosités, july 2009)

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I am sharing here my practice of the DFR aka “Danceable Field Recordings”, combination between my multiple worldwide recordings of voices, ambiences, noises, mixed together with the popular and experimental avant gardes (sound art roots disco minimalism early house poetry psyche hip hop folk traditional strange music recordings…) creating live a scenery, a offshored world, to reencounter and stimulate the dialogue.

Ici un mix qui reflète ma pratique du DFR aka “Danceable Field Recordings”, alliage entre mes multiples enregistrements mondiaux de voix, ambiances, bruits, mixés aux avant gardes populaires et expérimentales (sound art roots disco minimalism early house poetry psyché hip hop folk traditional strange music recordings…) créant en live un monde délocalisé pour retrouver et stimuler le dialogue.

tracklist ° in any order °

Brownsville Turnaround On The Tex-Mex Border_the KLF.mp3

Flamenco Dance Song.mp3


Love_The Art Of Noise.mp3

missing you[original version]_Larry Heard.mp3

Pre New WR_As11.mp3

Seyak, Butcherbird_Steven Feld.mp3

Água Viva_Pedro Santos.mp3

Once Loved_A Footnote To Howl_Martyn Bates_Allen Ginsberg (DJ Spooky Remix).mp3

Suikinkutsu Water Chime.mp3

Shadowlands_Two Banks Of Four.mp3

Wedding Song_Terry Riley.mp3


The gardeN_John Cage.mp3

Lament 1_bird’s lament_Moondog.mp3

Blagovest + Festive chime_Russia.mp3

Eros Is Eros Is Eros_Joachim Montessuis – 2005.mp3

Joyful Grass & Grape_Dorothy Ashby.mp3

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, Bottlenose Dophins_Songs Of The Wales & Dolphins.mp3

White man sleep_Kevin Volans.mp3

Like A Rolling Stone_Cornelius.mp3

alex!!!!!alex!!!!!aude!!!!!_Charlemagne Palestine.mp3

Vocal Duet_Streets_Of_Lhasa.mp3

Trees against the sky_Moondog.mp3

Sunday Kind Of Love_A.Greenman.mp3

Treehouse_Arthur Russell.mp3

Tree House/School Bell (part 1)_Indian Ocean_Scholl_Disco_Not_Disco.mp3

ACR RMX Extrait 3_Radiomentale (Commande France Culture).aif

Angkor Wat_Interstellar Fugitives2.mp3

RobertaFlack feat. Dolly_Flying Lotus.mp3

Warning Talk, Part 1_David Axelrod.mp3

The trains are now so clean_Daedelus.mp3


Dias Dias Dias (Spoken By Caetano Veloso)_Bill Laswell_Above_The Earth_Contacte.mp3


To The Garden_Nick_Drake.mp3

Champagne In Penthouse_Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl.mp3

Horse Trotting on Gravel_Digiffects.wav

Love In C Minor_Cerrone.mp3

Life on Mars_Dexter Wansell.mp3

Auntie’s Lock pt1_Flying Lotus.mp3

Full Moon / Eden Ahbez_Research_Incredibly_Strange_Music.mp3


Birds-Of-Scotland_Jones-Joe + Chicken-to-Kitchen.mp3

Track 11_Philippe Barbeau & Martine Todisco.mp3

Tweeking on air_Thavius_Beck.mp3

Welltuned excerpt_LaMonteYoung.mov

Coqs_aube_Puerto Rico_Gael Segalen.mp3

Bounce arabic new age_Niger + California_Gael Segalen.aif

Canal de Lechine_Montreal_Gael Segalen.wav

Apesanteur_TrameBasic_Fete_des_Lumieres2006_Gael Segalen.mp3

Front Populaire-Sound Park_Gael Segalen-Jopo.mp3

84 rue Myrha-Sound Park_Gael Segalen.mp3

Ooohhh_Gael Segalen.wav

Plastic_Macro_Pommery_Gael Segalen.mp3

Sonido_JP_Obra_Caracas_Gael Segalen.mp3

The POP Sound_Voice of Champagne_Gael Segalen.mp3

Silvena_and_Maya_duo_Ruse_Bulgaria_Gael Segalen.mp3

US train_Oakland_SF Bay_Gael Segalen.aif

Le Delta_Excerpt_Europa_Gael Segalen.wav

L’Ange le Sage