English resume

Gaël Segalen

born and raised in Paris, France (1973)

From social sciences to radio to film sound mixing to field recording to meeting people to audio art / interaction, the sound activist Gaël Segalen was born for the sounds of life. Her global project is to record the encounter and field-sounds of disoriented scenes in many languages, to invent political and vital fictions by creating situations of dialogue, inviting people to get together, resulting to an eclectic musicality and imaginary landscapes. More than a testimony, the mike offers an improvisation space to think forward in an offshored and free world. It is a pretext to meet people from very different backgrounds and to have many talks. She collaborates on projects of audiowalks, geolocated environment creations and installations, including with the parisian MU Collective, conducts sound workshops and teaches listening and sound experimentation at ESEC, school of cinematic studies in Paris and is currently composing for her solo project as well as for shared projects.


Pieces, installations and audiowalks, recording trips, workshops and performances


Rite, musical composition for choreographer David Wampach first short film, Kidam Prod, december 2012


Jako, piece and itw for the first podcast of a web radio magazine for female-artists from all over the world to publish their work, The Cat Cinderella. Curated and hosted by Barbara De Dominicis, powered by Girrrlsound network, october 2012


Inland, piece for Carroussa Sonore, project of broadcasting sound art in public space, sound installation, French Institute space and in the streets, Rabat – Morroco, june – october 2012


Magaio Egregore (Guimaraes edit), composition of Joachim Montessuis and Gaël Segalen, for Radio Sonores, Guimaraes 2012, European Capitals of Culture, may 2012


Akiaël, performance with Aki Onda, event « the Before » for the exhibition « les Maîtres du désordre », quai Branly Museum, Paris, april 2012


Timeless women of future music, live mix video and audio, open selection, International Women’s Day, march 2011


Wild Lake, sound creation workshop, MU Collective, CDA Enghien, feb-march 2012


Original voices in Rhythms, program of Gaël Segalen on webSYNradio, oct 2011


Magaio Egregore, collaboration from Joachim Montessuis & Gaël Segalen, recordings, composition and polyphonic vocal piece, in-situ live performance, a Binaural / Nodar residency, Sound Art in rural context, Portugal, july 2011


Sound Delta, geolocalized composition from WPMG with Joachim Montessuis and Gaël Segalen at Futur en Seine / Village des Innovations CENTQUATRE and in Eole Garden, Paris, june 2011


My Voice, conception of a weekly open sound studio, a space for free expression, speech, open mic and recording. Anonymous and free. Maison des Ensembles studio, Paris 12è (spring 2011 and still running)


Nowhere Close, finalist of the European competition “Europe – a sound panorama”, a project of the Goethe Institute in Belgrade, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Radio Belgrade, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Ars Acustica Group, the Institute of Music and Sound of the Art and Media Technology Center in Karlsruhe (ZKM) and the director and media artist Gotz Naleppa, april 2011


Le Voyage, designing an audiowalk inside the Maison des Ensembles, Paris 12th, texts read by students of Theater handicap Center, Poets’ Spring project, march 2011


Inland, piece for Audiowalk « Autumn 10 » curated by Vibrö, Slick/Fiac art fairs (iPhone App – Collectif MU), oct 2010


Je pense à toi, Siwa Platform n°03, Bouffes du Nord theater, Paris, june 2010


Poupées de Sons, piece for installation and audiowalk, Sakina M’sa designer – MU Collective, Barbès l’Africaine Festival, Goutte d’Or, Paris 18th, may 2010


La plage de Mer, From Zero to Infinity, collaborative project of Franck Ancel from an original manuscript of Mallarmé, Pentemont temple in Paris and Artist-Book International Fair, Pompidou Center, Paris 2009


Paradis Royal, composition for a video art of Prisca Lobjoy for the designer Gabrielle Geppert, installation in the boutique, Palais Royal Gallery, sept. – dec. 2009


Echoes and Inspiration, event between Brandon Labelle, Gaël Segalen and the pianist Ronnie Lynn Patterson. Crossed encounter, listening session and performances. Société de Curiosité, Paris, sept 2009


Sound Square, outdoor geolocalized installation, with Joachim Montessuis and WPMG, MU Collective, Strasbourg, Ososphère Festival, sept. 2009


Non Stop Music Planet, musical journey of 24h in live web mixing and streaming, MU Collective, Point Ephémère, Paris, 30 – 31 may 2009


Democracy in Venezuela, recordings, witnessing the regional elections, Caracas, nov. 2008


European Sound Delta, a 3 months travelling residency on the Danube and Rhine rivers from the North Sea and the Black Sea, upstream to France, MU Collective, summer 2008


Le Delta, installation, salle des Sacquiaux, Mons, Citysonic Festival 2008


Monchalbès, piece in collaboration with WPMG, Campus Radio and Radio Grenouille, Engrenages Festival , Marseille, june 2008


Japanisha, piece for the Flower Energy exhibition, Rendez-Vous Toyota, MU Collective, Paris, spring 2008


Magma, piece for installation abd sound workshop with CNR students. Recordings in the Champagne cellars Pommery, Mumm, Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger, MU Collective – La Cartonnerie – Studio Césaré et Conservatoire National de Reims, Elektricity festival, Reims, avril – october 2007


Super 16 & Sweet Sixteen, atelier de prise de son et création pour deux parcours sonores à la Maison de la Radio et au Palais de Tokyo et live à l’ambassade d’Australie pour le festival “Paris Quartier d’Eté », résidence au Palais de To- kyo, Paris, juin-juillet 2007


Sound-Drop, Audiowalks in France and Europe, MU Collective : “CitySonics” 2008 – “Aires de Conflu(x)ence” European Capitals of Culture, Luxembourg and Sibiu-Romania, 2007 – “Paris Quartier d’Eté” 2007, “Nuit Blanche” 2005, “Promenades Urbaines” of Pompidou center, « l’Art dans la ville » Sorbonne 2006


Sound and Langage, expression and aurality workshop with a literacy group of new arriving migrants, Accueil Lagouat non profit, Paris Goutte d’Or district, april 2006


Sound Park, installation, André Citroën park, Sous la Plage festival, Paris, 2006


Sonic Moons, performance, « Cité invisible » Festival, Montreal 2006, Nuit Blanche 2006


l’Etoffe des Héroïnes, exhibition at le Petit Palais and 2036, soundtrack for outdoor fashion show by designer Sakina M’sa, Bagnolet, 2006-2007


Ecoute l’écrit des Femmes, installation, literature in the northern suburbs of Paris, reading, talking and recording process with migrants women, Fusion Collective, Villiers-le-Bel and Sarcelles, 2007


Apesanteur, sound for installation BBCF – Capitaine Fracasse, Festival of Lights, Lyon 2006


Différé-Delayed, sound documentary, dialogue between the Bay Area (San Francisco) and Northern Niger (2004).


Californian Portraits, musicians, activists, friends (Los Angeles – San Francisco 2004-2006).


NRC – documenting the streets protests during the National Republican Convention, collaboration with the filmaker David Chalker, New York, sept 2004


L’Ange le Sage