The Cat Cinderella Radio-Mag


Launched as the podcast/sonic backdrop of GIRRL SOUND to become a web radio magazine for female-artists from all over the world to publish their work, The Cat Cinderella* features a new podcast-episode bimonthly with works by women artists who investigate sound as a distinctive element in their research. We are mainly focused on sound at the border between art_music and hybrid audio collages and aim to provide a space to encourage works created by women in the name of experimentation and authenticity. We do welcome works by women of any ethnic, cultural and educational backgrounds devoted to sound art, audio documentary, field recording, performance, radio theatre, audio portray, sound postcards, sound poetry, visual arts as well as electroacoustics and any other free-forms explorations in the aural and visual realms.
Curated and produced by Barbara de Dominicis

with the complicity and support of Majena Mafe @ [GIRRL_girrlsound :digitalgirrl]

The Track makes use of found sounds, field recordings, accidental sounds and above all Daphne Oram’s sounds.

You’ll discover my world and a piece called “Jako”


L’Ange le Sage