Born Free – contribution for Radio Continental Drift call-out


A ‘Sonic cross-cultural exchanges’ response for

“Women artists from Zambia and Zimbabwe are raising their voices”…voices/

Clapping, hands together, trying to adjust themselves within a crowd, getting to know each other, sending peace, fighting ignorance and fear.

With poets and activists voices from Harare (Zimbabwe), Ruvimbo Tenga “Born Free”, Linda Gabriel “Sins Of Our Mothers”, Chiwoniso “Getting It Out Of The System”
Pamela Kenmoé, american student improvising in Paris studio, sending peace, fighting ignorance and fear for BBN project, an adaptation of “the Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

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Complete compilation of remixes (more infos on: by each remix artist)- 2 Complete compilation of remixes (more infos on: by each remix artist)-


Radio correspondence of Women Artists – in celebration of UNESCO World Radio Day…/sets/sonic-cross-cultural-exchanges; easy download mp3 compilation:
(audio: 39 minutes; 15 mp3 tracks; 51.7 MB)

The Remixes presented here were contributed by artists from around the world in response to recordings with women in Arts, Culture and Media from Zambia and Zimbabwe. The contributors and correspondents in the sonic exchange are:
Anna Stereopoulou (Greece) – Virginia Phiri (Zimbabwe)
Antye Greie (Finland) – Ruvimbo Tenga (Zimbabwe)
Danny Thompson (UK) – Soneni Gwizi; Virginia Phiri; Thembi Ngwabi (Zimbabwe); Petronella (Zambia)
Dinah Bird (France) – Mavis Moyo (Zimbabwe)
Dixie Treichel (US) – Mavis Moyo (Zimbabwe)
Donna Maya (Germany) – Soneni Gwizi (Zimbabwe)
Felicity Ford (UK) – Esnart Mweemba (Zambia)
Gael Segalen (France) and Pamela Kenmoé (US) – Chiwoniso Maraire; Linda Gabriel; Ruvimbo Tenga (Zimbabwe); Zambia Popular Theatre Alliance (ZAPOTA)
Inge van den Kroonenberg and “the Genetic Choir” (Netherlands) – Virginia Phiri (Zimbabwe)
Jordan Thomas (Canada) – Mulenga Kapwepwe (Zambia)
Kat Bpm (UK) – Soneni Gwizi; Virginia Phiri (Zimbabwe)
Luiza Schulz (Brazil, Austria) – “pontos de escuta”
Patricia Walsh (UK) – Joyce Jenje Makwenda (Zimbabwe)
Sarah Washington (Germany, UK) – Annie Mpalume (Zimbabwe)
Sirpa Jokinen (Finland) – Virginia Phiri (Zimbabwe)
Valerie Vivancos (France) – Mavis Moyo; Thandanani Women’s Ensemble (Zimbabwe)

The remix artists chose one (or more) of the voices and stories which inspired them to respond in sound, and created musical remixes involving also their own recordings, background or personal story. It’s a sonic correspondence across continents and cultures, intended to make the voices of Women Artists from Africa heard in “the global village”.
Radio Producers and all our listeners are warmly invited to continue the correspondence by using the Remixes in broadcasts, sound- and radio pieces, or perhaps in a sound track for a film, and so on…
Radio continental drift will prepare a radio show for the “framework:afield” series on Framework Radio presenting the project of sonic correspondence, its context and the global responses it inspired…
The source recordings as well as the remixes are shared under creative commons licenses, free for use and download.
source recordings:
compilation of remixes (more infos on each remix artist):…/sets/sonic-cross-cultural-exchanges

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