THINKING OF YOU (FRAGMENTS) @ Ohrenhoch Sound Gallery (repeat)

‘Thinking of you’ presented at Ohrenhoch, Berlin, nov 6 and 13th



Au regard des réalités migratoires actuelles, ma pièce composée avec les sons enregistrés par 8 femmes maghrébines vivant à Paris, “Thinking of you”, sera présentée pour la 2è fois cette année à Ohrenhoch (Berlin) dans le cadre de Soundactivism 2016,
Berliners friends, regarding the migratory realities, here’s another opportunity to listen to my up-to-date piece composed with the sounds of 8 north-african women based in Paris (@ Ohrenhoch, Soundactivism 2016 program)


by Gaël Segalen
Authors: Gaël Segalen + 8 women
Language: arabic-french
Curator, loudspeaker installations: Knut Remond

Creative workshop and audio correspondence with 8 parisian women from North Africa: recordings and meetings from february to may 2010 in the 17th arrondissement (Paris).
Every week, the participants were taking back home a recorder to collect and invent any sound by themselves, in their own privacy (“interiors”) and in the everyday life, alone and with the environment, refining their approach with time.
Receiving those materials on an anonymous mode, here is the audio piece i offered back to them.
(Premiered as Piece for headphones and audiovisual installation at the Bouffes du Nord theater, Paris, june 2010, by Collectif Mu – Gaël Segalen – Vincent Voillat – Platform Siwa)


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